Are you a vendor looking to expand into APAC?

At Delivio, we work closely with you to really understand your business and apply practical strategies to be successful. We assemble a team for you with the most appropriate experience and expertise to allow you to succeed. We work closely to strategically formulate and operate an effective team.

We also have extensive experience in bringing vendors to market in the APAC region. You can take advantage of our presence across the region to expand and leverage our USA, Manilla, Vietnamese and Indian operations through our global alliances.

We provide a professional service at a much better value point than companies attempting to market in the APAC region with little time or resource. We can successfully deliver through a range of resources locally, including support from our team in Manilla/India/Vietnam.

We have the experience to work closely to uncover the changes and actions needed to see dramatic efficiency improvement. Delivio focuses on helping its clients move from the recommendations to action and change.

We tailor a package to suit your specific needs, we deliver practical and enduring results that equip you to grow and maximise customer service. Our implementation specialists work directly with you over long periods to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods.

If you know storage, it is like multi tiering your storage. We apply the right resource value to the task at hand. We offer a range of investment options;

  • We can assist in providing a beach head through development of a comprehensive, well thought out plan to establish initial sales.
  • Show presence and dedication to the region with the employment of local resources with assistance from our local marketing and sales support teams.
  • And/or purely utilise our Sales Support team for quoting, lead follow up, appointment making, event co-ordination etc.

We cover a large range of services from the very simple through to establishing and running a complete sales and marketing operation;

  • Establishing a local office/phone/address
  • Developing a channel strategy, including as applicable;
    • Distribution
    • Target channel partners
    • Event and promotions (as part of a marketing strategy)
  • Leverage our Sales Support team
    • Provide local time zone phone response
    • Prepare quotes in the system of choice/our system
    • Provide local pipeline management
  • Prepare and manage events and local promotions
  • Channel development
  • Pre Sales Technical resourcing
  • Develop hand over plan to local resources

We work closely with vendors to ensure a successful partnership.